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Western Sydney's ‘Harbour Bridge’

22 May 2019

Airport bridge on Harbour Bridge scale takes shape

A new bridge practically as wide as the Sydney Harbour Bridge is taking shape at Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport as work on site ramps up.

Western Sydney International Chief Executive Officer Graham Millett said construction of the new Badgerys Creek Road bridge is underway with 21 mammoth girders installed.

“Badgerys Creek Road bridge will be 49 metres wide, which is the same width as Sydney’s iconic ‘Coathanger’,” Mr Millett said.

“Technically we are building two bridges – one north bound and one south bound, both 39 metres long and with a combined width of 49 metres.

“Badgerys Creek Road currently runs through the Airport site and needs to be realigned as part of our Early Earthworks.

“Each of these 45 tonne girders had to be installed by a monster 500 tonne crane that was constructed on site.

“The pre-cast girders were delivered from Saunders Civilbuild in Newcastle – we’re thrilled that Western Sydney International is not only supporting businesses in our local community, but across Australia as well.

“The girders were delivered three or four at a time over several nights to avoid disruption to traffic.

“This is one of the biggest milestones we’ve reached to date as we get on with one of Australia’s largest ever earthmoving projects.

“We’ve got 22 million cubic metres of earth to move but it’s great that the community can now start seeing the progress being made here in Western Sydney.”

Saunders Civilbuild General Manager Jonathon Bromilow said the company has a long history in manufacturing precast concrete products for major infrastructure projects throughout NSW for almost 40 years.  
“These girders have taken over 4000 man hours to construct and used a total of 864 tonne of concrete for the project,” Mr Bromilow said.  
“As a local Newcastle business, we’re proud that our innovative designs and construction methods are being utilised on projects across the state, including at the new Western Sydney International Airport.”